My 2016 Bucket List

So like many other people I have an extensive bucket list that seems to grow rather than get shorter. But I have narrowed down my top 5 that I would love to visit if I could in 2016!

  1. New Zealand. Where do I start with this place…honestly where do I start? Everything about this country that I have seen and heard about this country has given me such an urge road trip the entire length of the two islands: from the 90 mile beach in the north to Fiordland in the south.

    Fiordland New Zealand
    Fiordland, New Zealand. Courtesy of
  2. Bolivia. For two reasons. One, Yungas Road. I am a bit of a petrol head for a climate change student (my dad is a car lover, it runs in the family!). But the opportunity to drive the ‘worlds’ most dangerous road’ would be a dream. The adrenaline rush would be insane. Second, Salar de Uyuni. To see this natural expanse can only be comprehended in person!

    sala de uyuni
    Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Courtesy of
  3. Toyko, Japan. As a geography student having studied urban population and sprawl I have to see just how big this city is and throw myself into the middle of it all.

    Tokyo, Japan. Courtsey of
  4. South Africa. There is something about this place that has always attracted me and I just can’t quite put my finger on a reason why. Maybe it’s the the vast array of ecosystems and animals that screams to my inner big kid and the chance to see Hippos and Penguins and everything I can.

    south africa
    Table Mountain, South Africa. Courtesy of
  5. Washington, USA. Ever since I went of my uni trip to Vancouver I have wanted to see Washington. You’re probably like but Vancouver is in Canada? Hear me out…I was up Cypress Mountain at a lookout point and with the glorious clear skies I could see as far south as Seattle and Mount Rainer and I just wanted to see these places for myself. I’ve always been attracted to exploring forests and mountains and volcanoes and I feel this state has all of that to offer.

    Washington. Courtesy of

My Favourite Place in 2015

So this year I spent more time travelling in the UK than abroad. In fact I only went abroad twice. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Toronto and Fenton, Michigan visiting my fav American friend Jordan as well as a long weekend in sunny Marrakech whilst it was freezing here in the UK. But, my favourite place…….Swansea!

Swansea Bay

I spent four years at university in Swansea up until late 2014 so I am always excited to go back, even just for a night. Swansea is a place I hold dear in my heart. A part of me will always be in Swansea, it’s like a second home to me. Not only is it where I made some of my cherished memories, it is also where I met some of my best friends, including my fellow travel buddy, Jodie. This year alone I have lost count of how many weekends I spent there and I still have New Years to come!

But there is more to Swansea…..oh so much more!

To start off with the people are some of the friendliest yet bonkers (in a fun way) people around. The Welsh always know how to have a good time and where else to have a good time but by heading to a street full of bars. Bring in Wind street. My favourite bar is Jack Murphys……£1 jaberbombs, old school music, sweaty dancefloor and always the best night. What more do you want? But, if that is not your cup of tea you are spoilt for choice with Yate’s, Revs, Fiction, Bamboo, Kon Tiki, Prohibtion. Another amazing place is Sin City. Here you can watch some amazing bands as well as stay after to carry on partying. Finding out they give out toast at like 2am in the morning was a personal highlight.

Ok less of the drinking highlights but the other amazing parts of Swansea.  A massive, literally, massive part of Swansea is the beach, 5 miles of it, running all the way from the west of Swansea to the Mumbles in the east. It’s great for a coastal walk and with stunning views. A great place to stop for a bite to eat of drink is 360 on the waterfront or Verdis at the end of Mumbles near the pier (amazing ice cream). I used to spend many evenings walking back from uni along the beach in my last year.

If you want to get out of town then the Gower Peninsula is stunning. Accessible by bus or car there are a number of great beaches to explore. You can walk the coastal path from Mumbles all the way along the coast to Caswell Bay. A great beach is Three Cliffs Bay, a short walk from Penmaen. However my all-time favourite beach is Rhossili Bay. It’s only been voted by Trip Advisor as the 9th best beach in the world! It is 3 miles of gorgeous sandy beach running from Worm’s Head in the south to Burry Holms in the north. Worm’s Head is great though slightly tough walk out to the island at low tide. After this walk you’ll want to stop for drink or snack at The Worms Head. At the other end of the bay you’ll find the small village of Llangenith which has access to beach from here which is great for surfers and kayakers. A visit to PJ’s surf shop is a must for those renting boards. Across the road is The King’s Head pub. I’ve driven all the way here just for the food one afternoon. I also witnessed a wedding party getting merry before the wedding even took place in the church opposite.

2014-07-24 20.06.21
Caswell Bay
Three Cliffs Bay
2014-09-29 16.07.19
Looking back at Rhossili Bay from Worm’s Head

At the other end of Swansea and within 30 minutes’ drive is Waterfall country and just on from there, Brecon Beacons National Park. One time my parents and I were driving back Pen Y Fan (a must for all hikers, it’s the highest point in South Wales) when we got lost and ended up along this country road that went over one of the hills nearby. It was a clear day and not a car of person in site. From the top we could see the Brecon Beacons on one side and Carmarthenshire and its the rolling hills from the other. I was so in awe of the view, not photo would have done it justice.

So if you haven’t guessed by now, I love Swansea!

Why did I start the Wandering Rebecca Blog?

Why did I decide to start the Wandering Rebecca Blog?


If I am honest, it is for a mixture of reasons…


First, and of course most important to me, is my love of travelling and need to explore new places. As soon as I am back from one place I am already thinking about my next holiday, even it is a year before I eventually have the money or time to go. I definitely feel as though I have the wanderlust bug, constant itchy feet and a serious addiction to Instagram to look at pictures from all over the World. I am always making note of where I want to see with my own eyes. For me the only way to keep track of where I have been, where I am going and where I want to, is to create a place where I can record it, therefore, this blog.


Second, I needed a hobby, an outlet to express myself. I still work full time doing something else, a job related to my Masters degree and I love it! But, I felt outside work I had nothing else that was for me, something I could put my extra energy into. However, I warn you all, I am not writer or photographer, but I wanted to write about and show images of my travels and inspiration. 


Third, I would absolutely love if people read my posts. Whether it be on places to go or learning from mistakes I have made during my trips, I honestly just hope you all like what I write 🙂 


So all that leaves for me to do now is to start writing…..


Wish me luck!

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