My 2016 Bucket List

So like many other people I have an extensive bucket list that seems to grow rather than get shorter. But I have narrowed down my top 5 that I would love to visit if I could in 2016!

  1. New Zealand. Where do I start with this place…honestly where do I start? Everything about this country that I have seen and heard about this country has given me such an urge road trip the entire length of the two islands: from the 90 mile beach in the north to Fiordland in the south.

    Fiordland New Zealand
    Fiordland, New Zealand. Courtesy of
  2. Bolivia. For two reasons. One, Yungas Road. I am a bit of a petrol head for a climate change student (my dad is a car lover, it runs in the family!). But the opportunity to drive the ‘worlds’ most dangerous road’ would be a dream. The adrenaline rush would be insane. Second, Salar de Uyuni. To see this natural expanse can only be comprehended in person!

    sala de uyuni
    Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. Courtesy of
  3. Toyko, Japan. As a geography student having studied urban population and sprawl I have to see just how big this city is and throw myself into the middle of it all.

    Tokyo, Japan. Courtsey of
  4. South Africa. There is something about this place that has always attracted me and I just can’t quite put my finger on a reason why. Maybe it’s the the vast array of ecosystems and animals that screams to my inner big kid and the chance to see Hippos and Penguins and everything I can.

    south africa
    Table Mountain, South Africa. Courtesy of
  5. Washington, USA. Ever since I went of my uni trip to Vancouver I have wanted to see Washington. You’re probably like but Vancouver is in Canada? Hear me out…I was up Cypress Mountain at a lookout point and with the glorious clear skies I could see as far south as Seattle and Mount Rainer and I just wanted to see these places for myself. I’ve always been attracted to exploring forests and mountains and volcanoes and I feel this state has all of that to offer.

    Washington. Courtesy of

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