My Top 5 things to do in Paris!

So recently i came back from a short trip to the city of luvvve….with my housemates (no romance for unfortunately).

I wanted to share my top 5 things that i did in the hectic 3 days i was literally wandering around!

  1. Eiffel Tower

This one is probably a given. It was my third time going up it and this time i finally made it to the top floor! Ok for about 1 minute as it was so windy i could feel it swaying, but, for someone with a fear of heights like me this was a massive thing for me to do and yes i think that one minute counts. I was also lucky enough to be right there for the lights show that happens at 10pm every evening. It sounds cliche but it was magical!


2. Wandering the streets of Montmatre

For this one my housemates and i took part in a free walking tour around the neighbourhood (i have a whole blog post on just this alone!). This little part of Paris is home to Moulin Rouge, Scare Coeur and of course all on a massive hill. Be prepared for artists, great little restaurants and winding streets.

Moulin Rouge

3. The foooooooood

Goes without saying really but Parisians know how to eat……baguettes, pastries, chocolate, Macarons, Croque Monsieur…..i could go on! This trip happened to be the first time i ever tried a Macaron and unintentionally ate a baguette from the patisserie, Le Grenier a Pain, that makes the ‘best baguettes’ in Paris. It was good. It was all good.

Where i had my first Croque Monseur in Montmatre


4. Getting Lost

One thing i do in every city i visit is just go for a wander to see what i come across. Walking the streets in Paris means you see incredible architecture and come across parks and cemeteries and so much more.


5. Notre Dame

Not for the obvious reason, but just behind there is a little park on the side of the river with very few tourists and amazing views of the back of the church. Total serenity for me.



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