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Welcome to my blog, Wandering Rebecca. I am Rebecca, 25 years old and from good old London town. Currently i reside in Sydney doing the 9-5 slog at a job that I have to admit I do to survive here. But why a blog? I have restless feet and desire to travel more and see more of this glorious planet.

I have a Bachelors degree in Geography and a Masters in Geographic Information and Climate Change, both from Swansea University. My favourite little welsh city! After which I moved back in the parents in London before becoming a Land Surveyor. After which I moved to an office job, hence currently living in Cambridge. I am also a little fitness obsessed, doing Pilates and HIIT many times a week, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by my awful diet.

But…….I have this constant urge to travel. I obsess over travel photos on Instragram, always looking for inspiration. I read countless travel blogs for advice and ideas. But nothing will ever compare to being immersing yourself somewhere and feeling and experiencing that place. One day I would love to do nothing but travel but for now i can only write about the trips I have taken and the stuff i have learnt so far, share my experiences and hope people like them.

Lots of love



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