Why did I start the Wandering Rebecca Blog?

Why did I decide to start the Wandering Rebecca Blog?


If I am honest, it is for a mixture of reasons…


First, and of course most important to me, is my love of travelling and need to explore new places. As soon as I am back from one place I am already thinking about my next holiday, even it is a year before I eventually have the money or time to go. I definitely feel as though I have the wanderlust bug, constant itchy feet and a serious addiction to Instagram to look at pictures from all over the World. I am always making note of where I want to see with my own eyes. For me the only way to keep track of where I have been, where I am going and where I want to, is to create a place where I can record it, therefore, this blog.


Second, I needed a hobby, an outlet to express myself. I still work full time doing something else, a job related to my Masters degree and I love it! But, I felt outside work I had nothing else that was for me, something I could put my extra energy into. However, I warn you all, I am not writer or photographer, but I wanted to write about and show images of my travels and inspiration. 


Third, I would absolutely love if people read my posts. Whether it be on places to go or learning from mistakes I have made during my trips, I honestly just hope you all like what I write 🙂 


So all that leaves for me to do now is to start writing…..


Wish me luck!


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